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American Express Credit Card: A Different Kind Of Credit Card

In the financial world, American Express or AMEX is one of the most widely renowned names. If you have a credit card in your wallet, chances are you own a credit card that has a VISA or MasterCard seal in it.

MasterCard and VISA rely on partnerships from different banks in the world and do not issue a credit card of their own. What these companies do is they are simply selling their payment methods.

MasterCard and VISA charge their partners a fee for using the payment systems in order to make money. Both these companies do not issue credit cards. It is important to remember that VISA and MasterCard are only payment systems used by thousands of banks worldwide.

In American Express, they have both the payment methods and issue their own credit cards.

This means American Express runs everything and is independent from credit card companies like VISA and MasterCard. They don’t need to rely on the payment systems of VISA and MasterCard because they already have their own payment systems for their credit cards.

VISA and MasterCard is by far, a more accepted payment method for a lot of people. This is because these two companies operate in around 20 million locations worldwide. However, American Express is more difficult to use because they still don’t have the payment systems that these other two companies have.

But, American Express is now upgrading their payment systems and considering opening up payment methods in other countries.

However, American Express has its advantages. American Express is widely popular in North America and Europe where this credit card can offer great credit card deals. Then can offer very attractive rates, great rewards, and also great customer service.

American Express is unique in its own way. Because of the great offers and great rates, American Express credit cards are well on its way to become one of the most popular credit cards used by people. American Express offers the “blue” card where it is gaining popularity for a lot of consumers in North American and in Europe.

They offer four different blue cards where it is different from each other. Here are the different blue cards that American Express offers their clients:

-American Express Sky Blue

The Sky Blue card that American Express offer is one of the best travel rewards card you can ever have. They offer great traveling benefits to their clients. It offers no black out dates and also no travel restrictions unlike other travel cards you would find in the market. This will mean that a Sky Blue card holder will be allowed to travel wherever they want and whenever they want. Not only that, the Sky Blue card offers 0% introductory APR and no annual fee.

Additional benefits of the Sky Blue card include airline tickets discounts, car rentals, hotel stays, and you can even have an insurance coverage for the rental card and travel accident.

American Express Credit Card

-American Express Blue Cash

Blue Cash is also one of the best credit cards that American Express offers. The benefits get as much as 5% cash back from anything they purchase with a Blue Cash card unlike the 1% or 2% cash back cards from other credit card companies.

-American Express Blue Card

The Blue Card is the original card offered by American Express. Although it doesn’t have much of the features that the Blue Cash and Sky Blue cards offer, the original Blue Card is still a great choice. The Blue Card offers 0% APR up to 15 months. Other benefits are 4.99% APR on balance transfers and it also has great rewards program that can match other rewards program offered by other credit cards. Also, there is no annual fee with the Blue Card.

-American Express Jet Blue

The Jet Blue Card American Express offer gives you points whenever you use it to fly on Jet Blue Airways. For the first time users of Jet Blue, they will instantly get 5,000 points.

American Express truly gives what you want in a credit card. So, if you want a credit card with great benefits, great rates and great customer service, try getting an American Express credit card.


Have you been one of those people that really desire a credit card, but you have no clue where to go? Are usually you thinking about getting the best credit card rates open to you? Are you involved with comparing credit card companies so you can see who actually has the best credit card rates? If you answered yes to any of these, let this be your guide to help you discover the best credit card rates.

There are many ways that you can learn about the rates made available from credit card companies. Nevertheless the best and easiest way to compare credit cards rates is to go online. A particular website you might enjoy is at comparecc. com. This particular website has very comprehensive information available on different credit card companies. Here you will find: what they are called of the credit card, the APR rate, the reward awards programs made available from the card, what kind of credit you need to have the credit card, and the gross annual cost (if there is one).

Now we will go over a few of the credit card companies on this amazing site that offers the best bank card rates. The first one is American express. This card offers low introductory credit card rates of about 3. 99 percent. After one yr, your regular APR rate will be 10. 49 percent. You must have very good credit in order to get this rate, however.

Next, functioning at Citi Financial Mastercard. Citi Economic Mastercard offers great credit card rates. In case your credit is excellent, you will have a 0 percent APR for the very first twelve months! This is also included for balance transactions. After the twelve months is up, your APR rate will go to 9. 99 percent. Remember, this is merely for those of you with excellent credit.

The last card we will check out is Find out card. Discover card offers varying charge card rates. They do have a 0 percent introductory APR that is offered for a time determined by your credit score. After that, your APR will be being unfaithful. 99 percent. This low rate is merely available for those of you with good credit. Discover also offers a cash again bonus awards program to all of its customers.

For those of you with not such great credit, you can still apply for these playing cards and others. Remember credit card rates for individuals with bad credit are often much higher than rates for folks with good credit. Keep this in brain when you are looking for a credit card.

This is each of the advice you need for help discovering the best credit card rates. Be sure to take your time and also to do some research. Presently there are a lot of options out there. With somewhat of patience, you are sure to find the best credit card rates available to you!

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Credit Card Guidance

How to find the best secured credit card

There are many offers described as the best secured credit card online. The better your credit rating and ability to pay off previous bounces will decide what offers you receive as you look for a secured credit card. Your ability to apply for the best offers is normally dependent on the amount of the cash deposit you added to the account. Each credit card supplier use different means to decide on the monthly interest rate applied or membership charges.

Some of the best secured credit card offers now are from companies like, Capital One, Wells Fargo and Orchard Bank. This can change at any time as new offers are placed by these or other lending institutions. Shop around to find the lowest interest rate and perhaps free annual membership. The marketing for banks to supply the best secured credit cards memberships at any moment can add up to large savings when you sign up.

If you have never established your credit before then these offerings might be your best first step. You will be using your own money as collateral against your charges. This can help you build your capacity to make monthly credit card charges and pay them back as you become established. If you are rebuilding your credit, then again this is a major first step to prove your credit worthiness and regain a more positive credit rating.

There are several smaller banks or less well-known financial institutions with interesting offers for the best secured credit card online. You only need to do the proper research to find the best offer at any given time. Make sure you find an institution that can meet your needs with the extra charges added to your use of the credit card. Your alternatives to make changes will grow overtime as you prove your ability to control your finances in a reasonable manner.

No to credit card issuing banks are the same. Each one will have special offers or perks attached to your membership. Make a personal note of these differences as you shop around to receive the best offer possible. And you compare the best secured credit card side-by-side you might find differences that meet your personal needs and supply you with the greatest benefits. It’s an open market and laws are changing almost daily about the use of credit cards. Find one that meets your needs and build a new credit rating as you use your credit line.

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