Bed Bath and Beyond Credit Card


Bed Bath and Beyond Credit Card

Bed Bath & Beyond is a nationwide chain that specializes in home goods like kitchen supplies, fabrics, bedding, and other household goods. The chain was founded in the early 1970′s and have grown to become a strong brand known for quality merchandise. Their stores are large enough to anchor most shopping centers, and for good reason. My favorite thing about them is their lighting – while other stores can leave you tired from shopping, Bed Bath and Beyond provides shoppers a nice, enjoyable experience.

Another thing that Bed Bath and Beyond is known for is their store employees. They are always polite and very helpful, and can help you choose from their wide selection of product lines. Despite the relatively recent bankruptcy of competitor Linens ‘n Things, the company is managing to survive this recession with few store closures and strong growth into many new markets.

Bed Bath and Beyond Reward Points

Why not earn rewards when you’re out shopping for home furnishings? The Bed Bath and Beyond MasterCard offers a 5% cashback reward for each dollar you spend in their store. Interestingly, they also own the following brands, where you earn 5 points per dollar spent: The Sharper Image, DKNY, Nautica, and Steve Madden. The best part is that the card isn’t just useful for charging your purchases at BB&B, since you are also rewarded you with 1% cash back for purchases made with the card anywhere else that MasterCard is accepted.

So while that’s great that you can easily rack up a bunch of reward points, it doesn’t mean much if you don’t get anything of value for them. Fortunately, the reward program for the Bed Bath and Beyond credit card is pretty slick – with each 1,000 points you collect, they will send you a ten dollar gift card! What’s even better is that enclosed in the envelope along with your new credit card is a coupon for $25 off the next time you spend over $100.

Bed Bath and Beyond Credit Card Offers

First, it’s important to remember that the terms and conditions of the credit card can change at any time based on new or existing promotions. Make sure you read the documentation that comes with the application to make yourself aware of the APR, fees and any other terms.

The Bed Bath and Beyond MasterCard is guaranteed against unauthorized card usage in connection with making an online credit card payment. Another benefit is is their scheduled payment system. You have the option to make your payment immediately or schedule it for a later date which will be made on time or else you will not incur any fees. Also, there currently is no annual fee to worry about.

Since the BB&B credit card is sponsored through U.S. Bank, you have the added benefit of being able to make your Bed Bath and Beyond credit card payment online. You can also do other standard bank-related tasks like get an overview of your transaction history, view account balances, and get credit alerts all online.

Bed Bath and Beyond Credit Card

Making a Bed Bath and Beyond Credit Card Payment Online

To make your credit card payment online, first log into the website properly, and select the Make a Payment button on left side of the site. Then carefully follow the directions given to successfully complete your transaction.

If you shop at the store often, then it would be wise to consider checking out the Bed Bath & Beyond credit card. Whether it is racking up reward points or simplifying your store purchases, the card is offered with the customer in mind.

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