Standard Chartered Credit Card

Standard Chartered Credit Card

American expats who are journeying throughout Asia may have heard of the Standard Chartered Bank, one of the largest banks in the world. This illustrious bank now has a series of credit cards coming out that are made for people of all walks of life to enjoy. The Standard Chartered credit card group happens to be one of the best choices for people who are living in Asia, and it’s easy to see why.

The ease of using a Standard Chartered credit card begins with the application process. You only have to go to a Standard Chartered bank, or onto the website in order to apply for a credit card. You will have to provide the standard amount of information that credit card companies require, but the fact is that the entire application process is very quick. Applying online gives you the opportunity to find out which card you qualify for, and will also get you news of your approval almost instantly. The card usually comes in the mail within a matter of days, so you can start charging it as soon as you want.

Standard Chartered Credit Card Rewards

A regular Standard Chartered credit card comes with a slew of different perks and benefits that make it worth getting, even if you are a brand-new expat. This may include things like free shopping sprees, air miles, money back, or even gift cards. In some countries, shopping with a Standard Chartered credit card can get you huge discounts at grocery stores, clothiers, and even spas. Needless to say, people who are savvy with their Standard Chartered credit cards usually say that they would never go shopping without it.

The issue with having a Standard Chartered credit card is that you can’t apply for one in the United States. This is mainly a card that you will find in areas like Hong Kong, Nepal, India, and many parts of Africa. For people who are enjoying life abroad, having a Standard Chartered credit card can be a lifesaver. They are accepted in almost every place in the world, and are very common in some of the biggest trading centers in the world. Travelers and people with dual citizenship tend to get the most out of these credit cards.

Standard Chartered Credit Card Payment Online

Paying your Standard Chartered credit card is very simple, and the bank that issues the cards made sure to make it as easy as possible to do while on the go. You can always stop by the local Standard Chartered bank and pay it off in person, and you can always pay your credit card bill by mail as well. However, most people choose to pay it online using Standard Charter’s easy payment function. All you need to do is sign up for it after you’re approved for a Standard Charter credit card. People can also “call in” their payment via phone in certain countries.

Having a Standard Charter credit card is always a smart idea if you are an expat who will be traveling throughout Asia, Africa, and India. Planning to move to Hong Kong soon? You’ll want to get this credit card as soon as you set foot on the soil. Having a card as reliable, beneficial, and widely accepted as this is a must while traveling the world. Why wait – apply today if you can!

Which Standard Chartered credit card is best?

Which Standard Chartered credit card is best?

Standard Chartered credit card comes with a range of offers and benefits for its customers. However, the best Standard Chartered Bank Credit Cards is Platinum Rewards Card with NIL joining fee and no annual fees for lifetime.

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