Types of Credit Cards

Types of Credit Cards

Looking for the best credit cards? We are dedicated to bring you the latest information on credit cards – whether you are looking for low APRs, cash back, balance transfer, airline mile cards, business, or personal. There is always a card that will fit your need. To find the best credit card offers, you need to consider your lifestyle and your paying habits to figure out the best type of card you need.

Cash Back Reward Credit Cards

Why not turn everyday purchase into cash rewards? Do you know that you can earn cash back while doing your every day shopping. There are many credit cards that let you make money for buying everything from grocery, gas, and even car down payment. Your purchase through cashback credit cards will earn you more money than your bank interest. So use it whether you are buying a cup of coffee or paying for a new car. There many places double or tripple your cash back power – earn 5% cash back rewards at supermarkets, gas stations, and drugstores. For example, if you spend $5000 a year buying grocery at supermarkets you will be eligible for a $250 check. There is usually an annual limit on how much you can earn – $300 for most credit cards with cash back reward.

0% or Low Interest Credit Cards

Interest rates are low so should your credit card APR. If you make your credit card payments on time and have good credit history you may be qualified for credit cards with 0% APR or very low introductory APRs. Some credit cards offer you incrediblly low interest rates for up to 15 months as long as you make minimum payments every month. Many of them have cash back or reward programs, you can earn cash back or points and while paying no or little interest for 6 to 15 months depending on individual credit card offer. Take advantage of these great low interest credit card rates for big purchases such as a new car and home improvements.

Travel Reward Credit Cards

Make every mile count and every trip more rewarding. If you do a lot of traveling, you can earn reward points much faster by using these travel reward credit cards that are specially designed for frequent flyers. How much more can you earn? Every dollar you spend can earn you up to 5 points while other cards generally give you 1 point for every dollar spent.

Credit Cards for Balance Tranfer

If you carry a huge balance on other credit cards and can only make the minimum payment then you should take advantage of current low rates. The financial charges are racking up each month? Then consider transferring your credit card debts to a new credit that offer you 0 or low balance transfer rate. These credit cards can save you hundreds or even thousands in interest payments. The introductory period range from 6 months to up to 15 months. Using 0% balance transfer credit card is a great way to manage to pay off all your credit card debts. Many credit cards offer no balance transfer fee. Be sure to check the exact promotional period and remember you still need to make the minimum monthly payments to be qualified for the rates.

types of credit cards

Cards for Bad/Poor Credit

Do worry if you have bad or poor credits. Start over and reestablish your credit today! There are special cards for you to build your credit again. Keep in mind that since you credit history is bad or poor, you might have to pay a higher interest rate than that of regular credit cards. But if you are determined to get your credit back to good standing, apply for one of those credit cards and alway make the minimum monthly payment, or even better – pay off the balance every month. Your credit lender will be willing to low the interest rate it will become easier for you to borrow more money and apply for a mortgage..

Credit Card Types

Low Interest Credit Cards: These are credit cards that offer low interest rates. These type of cards typically require that you have a good to great credit score/standing to get approved. Chase, Citi, and American Express are the leading providers of low interest credit cards today. These cards typically offer a 0% intro apr for at least 12 months.

Airline Travel Reward Credit Cards: These credit cards typically offer Airline rewards in the form of airmiles. The leading provider of these cards is either American Express or Bank of America. These cards allow you to accumulate air miles every time you use the credit card. In return you can save on flights all over the world by simply using your credit card. This is the perfect card for the frequent flyer.

Cash Back Credit Cards: Cash back cards offer just that! Cash back on purchases. Most cards offer up to about 5% cash back on purchases. Some require that you make purchases at “selected locations” while others give you cash back on purchases anywhere. Chase has Cash Plus Reward Visa that is currently the leading cash back credit card on the market today.

Instant Approval Credit Cards: The instant approval credit cards require excellent credit! These cards will approve you instantly online with no waiting involved. American Express is the leader in online instant approval applications. In most cases you receive a decision in less than only 30 seconds.

Bad Credit Credit Cards: Bad credit credit cards are for those looking to rebuild or establish their credit. These are normally going to carry a yearly fee, and require that you make your payments very promptly. Orchard Bank & First Premier Bank are the leading providers of credit cards for bad credit.

Balance Transfer Credit Cards: If your looking to transfer the balance from one card to another then balance transfer credit cards are what you need! These typically offer 0% interest on any balances you transfer from other credit cards onto them.

Business Credit Cards: These cards are naturally for businesses. They have high limits and many perks that only those in the business world would really be interested in earning. Business cards normally require good credit standing due to the high credit limit you will receive. Again American Express is the leader in business credit card offers.

Gas Credit Cards: These cards offer what we all need! Gas rewards! You can earn up to 5% cash back on all gas purchases. Gas credit cards include the shell gas card from Citi and the Chase Cash Plus Reward Visa.

Hotel Reward Credit Cards: These cards allow you to accumulate hotel rewards or “points” you can then redeem the points for free nights at the hotels of your choice. We currently offer hotel cards for the Hilton hotels.

Student Credit Cards: Are you a student? need to establish some credit of your own? Well these are the perfect fit for you. Student cards by CitiBank and Chase offer rewards and credit building to all students.

Reward Credit Cards: Last but not least are the reward credit cards. These just offer airmiles, cash back, reward points, etc. These cards are for those looking to earn rewards for the charges made on your credit cards each day! Reward yourself with a reward credit card

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