Why Accept Credit Cards?


Why Accept Credit Cards?

We have credit card analysts and researchers for providing consultations as well as information on various aspects and uses of credit cards. Do you know credit card uses has been rapidly growing in USA. These days, people are not showing interest in cash transaction, as there are problems carrying cash somewhat carrying a credit card is safe.
From a number of benefits you can have:

  • No more standing in a queue in the bank for cash transaction and no more possibility in bounced cheque.
  • As customers are ready to pay with credit cards so why wouldn’t you receive?
  • You sales rate will be tripled

No more possibility of bounced cheque or no more standing in a queue:

Why Accept Credit Cards?

By allowing credit cards your preferred method of payment, you can reduce or eliminate By making credit cards your preferred method of payment, you can reduce or eliminate bounced cheque and decrease the time it takes to process orders. Credit card payment is guaranteed and there will be no chance of bouncing cheque or taking long time for processing. Its an online transaction takes a few moments for transaction.

Studies show that in few years credit card payments will be ruled on cheque and cash payment. Paying with a credit card also gives customers more flexibility to manage their cash flow.

Sales rate will be tripled

Credit card users have been rising to three times more than ever before. Studies show that people buy more when they pay with their credit card. So you should encourage customers to use credit card.

What about processing fees?

As credit card processing takes time so most of the business owners are not allow receiving a credit card transaction. On the other hand you can earn more money through credit card if the order size is larger.

Why Accept Credit Cards?

How to Compare Credit Cards?

When benefits of different credit cards come into consideration not a single credit card is similar to other. Not only from the offer point of view but also it differs from person to person. If one credit card suit your requirement may not be best for another.

If you want to acquire a best credit card from several factors then we can consult you. At Offer Credit Cards, we have experts who can consider several factors
i.e. introductory APR, the fixed interest rate, annual fees, rewards programs, member benefits and other services.

In case you are paying entire credit card balance regularly and on time then a low interest rate credit card is not as important as one with no annual fees or great credit card benefits.

Compare Credit Cards

But what survey says very negligible people are there who repay in a disciplined way. If you never delay in repayment or occasionally late can considerable. So on your credit cards a low interest credit card might be right for you. It is very significant over time that the difference between a low 10% APR credit card interest rate and a higher 20% APR credit card.

Rewards program and cash back program are the programs consider for members who follow certain policies of credit card companies. Low interest rates and the annual fees you pay on a credit card are also come into member benefit programs. Credit Card Company offers benefits while using their credit card for purchase. Frequent flyer programs are one of the examples.

In case of additional purchasing Cash back credit cards offer cash back to its cardholders. Chase Cash Plus, Visa Card, Citi Dividend Platinum is some of the credit cards provide cash back offers in additional purchasing.

Other things to consider when you compare credit cards are:

  • Travel insurance and baggage protection during traveling can be availed as membership benefits.
  • Type of credit needed for approval online account access and bill payment services unauthorized spending protection
  • When determining what the best credit card is for you consider the interest rate, the annual fees, the programs offered and the member benefits.

Good Credit Card Specials

What Credit Card Specials Would Appeal to You?

There are various offers what constitutes a great credit card special to you. Now credit card specials are available all over the place. At Offer Credit Cards, we can let you know which credit cards are special and why the credit cards are special to you.

From the cash back offers to frequent flyer miles there are very unexpected benefits in good credit card specials. Although not all the credit cards are special for you yet some of credit card have special appeal and we can help you acquiring a best credit card specials to you.

Carry a High Balance?

If you have a high balance credit card you can opt for a low-interest balance transfer credit card specials. Now it is crystal clear that all quickest way to pay the balance off is to pay as little in interest. If you have a low-interest balance transfer card then that will be the good credit card special for you.

Like Rewards?

Every month if you pay your balance off and then you may want to have a credit card special. It sometimes offers extra cash back for a certain period of time and on the other hand it may offer as special bonus gift. What is your specific needs can help you getting information of the credit card companies.

Understanding Your Credit Card’s Card Identification Number

Card Identification Number

We are widely acknowledged as one of the most reliable online information source on credit card. We provide free consultation services for understanding your credit card identification number.

When you make payment through online or by phone the receiver is unable to physically see the credit card in your possession. Only you provide your identification number and that short numerical code is written on the back of every credit card. Do you know the importance of this number and why you are requested to provide during transaction?

The number you are requested to provide is called as CID or Card Identification Number. In the case of Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit cards, the CID is the three-digit number located on the signature line on reverse side of the card. But in case of American Express credit cards, you will find out the CID is a four-digit number on the card’s front.

The objective of providing CID is to let the merchant know that you have acquired the credit card. So either of the partners can transact products or service easily.

CID number can’t be known to any of your friends or thieves unless you have not given. Some one may have your number yet can’t use it because of the CID number. For security precaution reading off or typing CID is forbidden according to the CID act. No body can make transact with your credit card, as the CID is required during purchasing or other transaction.

Henceforth you should always keep your personal CID number under scrutiny. There may be a possible deceit call and may ask for your CID number, while pretending to be your credit card issuer. You should check the authentication of this call before giving you CID number to any anonymous caller.

Eliminate Credit Card Debt

Eliminate Credit Card Debt

The rate of increasing in credit card debt in America has become overwhelming that the average American household carries over $9,000 in revolving debt. As the contemporary consumer society is being convinced by the buy-it-now messages through advertises. The above calculation of average credit card debt has enough reason to think on credit card debt by every American.

You should start your action plan now to eliminate credit card debt. Although there are many more steps to getting debt free yet our five crucial steps can eliminate your credit card debt in a small time period.

At Offer Credit Cards, we provide an absolutely free online consultation on credit card debt to our American credit card holders.

Step 1. Stop using Credit Card from today if you are thousands of dollars in debt.
Think twice before using your credit cards to borrow from tomorrow as you are already in a hefty amount of debt. If you continue spending more through your credit card then you ill only face the financial crunch and only getting worse.

Step 2. Those who are acquainted with easy accessibility of credit card our step 2 will be a difficult process to them. Setting up a fixed budget for a frequent credit card user is a difficult exercise. The most interesting part of this process is that it will show how much unnecessary expenditure we use to carry out by the credit card. In the case of setting up a budget apart from your non-discretionary items such as mortgage/rent, utilities, food and insurance you can lower your other expenses.

Step 3. Using cash rather than a credit card can bring a limit on your unlimited expending. Suppose you have entered into a casino and keep on betting through credit card but at that time if you would use cash then there is a possibility of limitation in spending. Various surveys reveal that people spend 112% more when in credit card than in cash. So from today you should start spending money through cash. Whether it is a latest CD or new shoes feel the reality of expenses by paying in cash.

Step 4. Before setting up your mind for a certain credit card make sure it has low interest rate as compared to other credit card. If your credit card is a low interest or 0% APR then it can be helpful in eliminate credit card debt.

Step 5. If you would follow like living within the income, preparing a budget before start spending, paying cash and using a better interest rate credit card can save hundreds of dollars each month. If these above mentioned steps will be followed and always try to pay to the outstanding credit card balances then the whole can help you eliminate credit card debt.

Credit Score for Home Loan

Now a day everyone prefers to have a plastic credit card in his/her pocket instead of having a heavy wallet with hard cash. Credit card has been attached with the sentiments of American. Whether it is buying online or preparing for a home purchase, credit card can play a vital role in every case.

During purchasing a house you will definitely get favor from your credit card. If you would have maintained your credit card payment regularly it can help you build a strong credit history and enhancing your credit score. Now a higher credit score can help you secure a loan for purchasing your dream home.

Credit Score for Home Loan

If we consider the negative side then if you have lower credit score or credit history, it can limit your options during purchasing a home. You may be maintaining your credit card payment on time these days but your previous history also effect when go to buy a home. If you are a defaulter in paying your credit card bills indication of financial crunch could stop your approval of a home loan. To overcome this problem you should lower your credit card utilization below 50% and don’t apply for additional credit card. A new credit card issuance and high utilization ratio can decrease the ratio of credit card balances to credit limits.

On the other hand your credit card uses prove that you have the ability to qualify the loan you are seeking. Your credit card can impact the ability to qualify for the loan you are seeking because the required payments are added to the payments associated with the mortgage in determining how much you can afford. The “total expense ratio” calculated by lenders and used in qualifying borrowers is the sum of the mortgage payment, property taxes, homeowners’ insurance premium and other debt service. The entire amounts including credit card expense will bee divided by the borrower’s gross income.

While buying a home you need to pay some cash for down payment and settlement cost. As much as you pay for down payment mortgage cost will be lower accordingly. Lets have an example if you pay 3%, as your down payment the cost of the mortgage will decline and if you go up to 20% then cost of the mortgage will be declined accordingly.

Credit Card Receipt Safety

Credit Card Receipt

You may face the same risk whether losing a credit card or credit card receipt. There are possibilities of misusing your credit cards by another person if you lose your card or receipt. Anyone with the information of your stolen or found receipt can potentially use so credit card receipt is a major concern for you if you lose it.

You may think how a credit card receipt can help the thief to do shopping. During online or telephonic buying without the physical plastic card one can shop by giving the 3 or 4 digit security code to the merchant. This security code can be traced as it is printed on the reverse or front of most credit cards. Now you can relax yourself that the security code is not published on the receipt page. It is truth that as compared to losing a credit card and receipt, risk is enormous in credit card theft or loses.

According to the Federal Fair and Accurate Transaction Act many merchants now only include the last four digits of a customer’s credit card number on the receipt. This act states that receipts for credit card and debit card transactions may not include more than the last five digits of the card number or expiration date.

Some states have made their own laws for the safeguard of consumers. For example in California the law states that all cash registers and point-of-sale terminals must print safeguarded receipts that list only the last five digits of a customer’s credit card account number and no expiration date.

Although the laws safeguard the consumers yet they should be aware of for themselves. Credit card users must be on guard against thieves who can search your financial information from the garbage here you might have thrown the receipt of your credit card. So destroy the receipt before throw it in a dustbin or any garbage box.

All credit card users should at least careful for their receipt until a quarterly or for that term credit card bill has not handed over to you. Keep storing the receipt in a safe place and only after receiving the credit card report for that term you can destroy or torn up the documents and can throw in the wastage box.

Student Credit Cards

There are student credit card companies who exclusively provide credit card to students. Student credit card companies usually supply credit card through direct marketing or through a marketing partner. There are specific merchants who accept student credit card and facilitate the cardholders to transact with a student card.

The merchant collects the data of student credit card from them who deal with their cards. The transaction data of the student credit card is sent to the issuing bank for settlement. In the case of a student credit card transaction merchant is generally paid within three business days.

Types of Student Credit Card :

There are basically three types of student credit cards i.e. Bank Cards, Travel & Entertainment Card, and House Cards.

Banks issue bank Card, Travel & entertainment cards are issued by American Express and Diners Club similarly House Cards are provided by chain of stores.

Student Credit Cards

There are three types of credit card accounts that are provided by student credit card grantors: Revolving agreement, Charge agreement, and Installment agreement.

Revolving agreement: By this agreement consumer will pay in full each month or chooses to make a partial payment based on the outstanding balance. Credit cards are issued by department stores, gas and oil companies, and banks based on a revolving credit plan.

Charge agreement: In charge agreement the consumer promises to pay the full balance each month, so he/she does not have to pay interest charges. On the basis of monthly repayment Charge cards, not credit cards, and charge accounts with local businesses often provide to the consumer.

Installment agreement:
 This is one of the better and flexible options that the consumer signs a contract to repay a fixed amount of credit in equal payments over a specific period of time. Automobiles, furniture and major appliances are the few examples that are financed this way. Through this agreement you can pay back your personal loan in installment.

Prepaid Credit Card

If you are worried for the uncertainty of a credit card approval then we have the solution for you. At Offer Credit Cards, we help you getting a credit card despite of having poor credit. For reservation of hotels, motels, car rentals and flights you can only use major credit cards for placing an order through online or over phone. So if one has bad credit then he/she will not be able to do any of these things. In this case if he/she has a prepaid card then no one can deny for any of the above mentioned services.

In a prepaid credit card account you have to deposit money first and then you can expense them as per requirement or choice. An account will have to open by your name and as much as money will deposit into that account the same way you can spend. Once you have deposited the money in your account, you will be received a prepaid card that can be used anywhere as you use a credit card.

Prepaid Credit Card

There are number of benefits having a prepaid card instead of a credit card. The best part of a prepaid credit card is that you can spend according to your balance as well as your expense will be limited to a budgeted way. If the deposited money in your account went zero then you can’t spend anymore until you make another deposit. In a prepaid card you no need to pay any annual fees or interest charge. More or less a prepaid card works in the same principle of a debit card.

A prepaid card helps more to the persons who have bad credit. There is nothing to be worried of reserve rental cars, hotel room or flight ticket as the money can be easily debited to the concerned company’s account during reservation. Besides, a bad credit holder should carry a prepaid card, as it has no deal with the credit card bills and interest payment.

At Offer Credit Cards, we provide free online information as well as consultation to the credit card holders in the USA. If you apply for a prepaid card you may pay about US$5 to $10 to open a prepaid credit card account. And latter when you will deposit more in your account then you may have to pay additional fees.

Instant Approval Credit Cards

Instant Approval Credit Cards

Would you like to have a credit card despite of having bad credit? If you have a bad credit and facing denial for a credit card then you are at the right place to get help in acquiring a new credit card. At Offer Credit Cards, we have financial as well as credit card consultants who can provide free information on instant approval of credit cards.

Instant approval credit card has a great advantage that is you can apply online and can get response via email of your acceptance or denial within seconds of your applying. If you are in doubt of your approval of an instant credit card then contact us, we will provide you an appropriate solution.

Make sure before applying for an instant approval credit card that your credit history is excellent. In certain cases an instant credit card may take more to determine whether you are approved for a credit card or not. If you don’t have credit report you should collect it before going for an instant approval credit card.

You can justify a Best credit card offers by its interest rate, fees, etc. You can compare the key factors of various credit cards and should choose the one of the best among them. We help customers to get excellent credit and good credit with instant approval and low interest rates on balance transfer.At Offer Credit Cards, we do suggest all valued instant credit card aspirants to compare credit card applications for choosing best credit card available from VISA, MasterCard and American Express. If you want a faster response from a credit card company then it is better to apply online.

Please contact us for further information on best credit cards to have; best credit card rates; best credit card deals; available rewards; cash back bonuses; travel rewards; and offers concerning air miles is available for each card.

Balance Transfer Credit Card

Balance Transfer Credit Card

At Offer Credit Cards, we have determined to provide a complete consultation on Credit Cards emphasized to your credit card balance transfer. If you want best deals in credit card balance transfer then you are at the right place. Here we have published crucial information on balance transfer credit card.

• What is a credit card balance transfer?
• How does a credit card balance transfer work?
• How do I find the best credit card for my balance transfer?
• What should I look out for with balance transfer credit cards?
• Start transferring your credit card balance

What is a credit card balance transfer?

A credit card balance transfer is nothing but moving your debt from one card to another. As the credit card companies offer an interest free period on balance transfer so a balance transfer credit card can save money.

By this process you can either consolidate your debts by transferring the debt or may avail a lower interest rate than your present interest rate.

How does a credit card balance transfer work?

You need to apply for balance transfer credit card. Once your application is approved you will be eligible for a new credit card. It is a simple process to acquire credit card balance transfer.

Most of the time when you will receive a new card there would be some introductory offer for balance transfer. As many credit card companies introduced online banking so balance transfer will become a mere job for you. In balance transfer credit card you can also transfer your store card’s debt to your credit card.

How do I find the best credit card for my balance transfer?

At Offer Credit Cards , we can guide you on the best credit card balance transfer. Before opting for balance transfer credit card please follow these options given bellow:

  • The size of your balance transfer
  • The length of the interest-free period on your balance transfer
  • Your existing credit card’s interest rate
  • The amount of money you want to spend on your card each month
  • The amount you are likely to pay each month

Bad Credit Credit Card

bad credit credit card

Although a Bad Credit- Credit Card can be helpful for them who don’t have good credit rating yet they have to more aware of to repair their credit rating. At Offer Credit Cards, we have consultants and experts who can guide you to choose a right bad credit credit card and making borrowing work for you. Some issues have given bellow that can justify having a bad credit credit card.

Reasons to require a bad credit- credit card

There are number of reasons come into consideration for applying a Bad Credit- Credit Card. Your bad credit rating may be one of the reasons seeking a bad credit-credit card. If you’re confused about why you’re getting turned down for credit, you can write to the credit reference agencies for a copy of your report.

Your bad credit rating could be due to any of the following things:

Did not pay household dues or Credit card or loans or loan rent bills on time:

This is the cause you will be bankrupted by the County Court Judgments. The area under which you are living may vary to other area if collective credit history comes into consideration. You must register to vote before you apply for credit geography.

Improving your credit rating with a bad credit- credit card

The way of improving your credit rating is that you have to find a new credit card and make largest payment on it as well as pay them off as soon as you get your bill. If you want to establish a better credit history to impress future lenders then you have to consistently repaying the previous debts.

The disadvantages of a bad credit- credit card

It is not difficult to acquire a credit card though you have a bad credit. If you can afford to pay more then you can apply for a credit card. Lenders usually target people who have a defaulting history so that during approving bad credit card they can insure themselves to get rid of cheated from the borrowers.

Here lenders charge higher interest rates than general credit cards. However, if you can demonstrate financial responsibility by meeting your monthly repayments you can expect to be offered a better card with a better rate in the future. It will be worsen your credit rating if you fail to meet your bad credit-credit cards.

What to look out for in a bad credit- credit card

It is definite that you have to pay high interest rate in the case of receiving a bad credit-credit card. If you become eligible for a bad credit-credit card then you should accept the offer as it can bring your APR down.

Airline Credit Card

Airline Credit Card

Are you a frequent flier?

Do you use credit card against buying tickets for flying? If yes, then Airline Credit Card will be a better option for you. There are a good number of credit card companies who offer perks and other benefits to the frequent fliers. These credit cards offer bonus to the fliers according to their miles of flying and the amount of money they spend on their cards.

Besides a general credit card if you opt for an Air Line Credit Card you may get more benefits and perks however these credit cards are sponsored by certain airlines. By the airline credit card you will be allowed to fly with a specific airline. If you are frequently use a certain route and use a specific airline then an Airline credit Card will be benefited for you. Only you have to check whether that airline has airline credit card service or not.

Offers and benefits will be varied from one Airline Credit Card Company to another.
There may be:

  • No limit on the miles you can earn and miles don’t expire for the life of the account

  • Earn 1.25 miles per dollar spent on purchases
  • Fly any airline
  • No blackout dates—even during holidays
  • No balance transfer fees
  • No annual membership fee
    • Earn 1 mile for every dollar in purchases
    • Redeem your miles for flights, hotel stays, car rentals, cruises and more!
    • Choose from over 250 airlines without restrictions
    • 0% Introductory APR on purchases and balance transfers for up to 12 months
    • The time period for the introductory APR and the balances to which it will apply will be based on our review of your credit history
    • Earn travel rewards for a low $29 yearly fee

It is undoubted that by using a sponsored airline credit card you can receive big discounts such as air miles as well as other special promotional offers.

There are the airline credit cards providers like Northwest Visa Card who can offer 10,000 air miles just by signing up for an airline credit card. The American Airlines Citibank MasterCard, which is run by Citibank and American Airlines, will give you 7,500 bonus air miles if you open a platinum account with them. If you decide to open a gold account, you will receive 10,000 air miles.

In every case the more you spend with the airline credit card, the more air miles you will receive. For an example with every $2 you can earn a mile from Northwest Visa Card if you spend beyond $10,000.

If you are not interested with any airline credit card or have not acquired till date then you can contact your bank to see if they have any such type of scheme. There are banks that offer either airline credit card or specific airline bonus scheme. You can have a benefit to apply for an airline credit card from a bank is that they may not require you to earn a certain number of miles before using them.

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